Who We Work With

Courageous Thinking Inc. engages with adventurous individuals, teams and organizations who are committed to making changes that unleash the potential of their people and create significant impact in the world.


Do you have the clarity and alignment to know …
        • Where you are on your organization curve?
        • How to leverage what you have built?
        • How to create meaning, legacy and impact for all your stakeholders?
        • Whether your leadership instills the values you hold dear to the senior
           leaders who will succeed you?

We help you get alignment, define your vision then design the change required in order to develop your capacity for leveraged and sustainable growth. This requires new goals, process, plan, structure and strategy all grounded in getting and maintaining complete perspective – the truth of who you are – right now.

  • Entrepreneur-led businesses
  • Mid-size/large organizations
  • Non-Profits; Foundations, Boards & staff
  • High Performance Teams who:
    – have achieved a major success and strive to increase their performance
    – have plateaued and are seeking to break thru to the next level
  • Start-ups
    – who want to ‘start right’ from the beginning
    By gaining complete perspective as to where your are right now you lay the foundation for managing risk, maximize opportunities, reducing waste and creating a culture of innovation and excellence.


What change is next for you…..
        • Are you at a significant point of transition?
        • Do you want to articulate your authentic voice?
        • Do you need to develop more leadership competency?
        • Are legacy and contribution important to you?
        • Do you want to pass down your values along with your
          wealth to your children and grandchildren?

We help you gain complete perspective on your life which allows you to see clearly, who you are, what you stand for and the impact you long to make in the world. Then we work with you to build and manage the plan to achieve your vision.

  • Leaders seeking to move from ‘success to significance’ – adding purpose to their vocation
  • Entrepreneurs thirsting for a new challenge
  • Founder/Owners wrestling with the next step for their organizations and themselves.
  • Elite Athletes moving on from their sports career to their next big adventure
  • Senior Military Officers exploring the ‘next chapter’ into civilian life