Would I do this for another?

The story of the Barnes twin sisters has been ricocheting around the world. WHY?

It’s a story of:   • Sisterly bond    • Selfless love    • Standing for someone else’s greatness
and as Guinness claims, ‘The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character.’

BUT even of more importance, this is a shatteringly compelling story because it challenges us to ask ourselves the profoundly difficult question – Would I do this for another?  Watch Guinness video 1:04.

Tracy & Lanny

While we most likely will never have to wrestle with giving up our earned Olympic berth or even a coveted job to someone whom we are deeply connected – this question can provide us a great gift into our own self awareness. It forces the follow on questions of:
• What is most important to me?
• What opportunity might I create for another?
• What opportunity should and must I fully own as it is uniquely mine to celebrate in the world?

This is NOT the story of whether Tracy did the right or wrong thing by giving her sister Lanny the spot Tracy had earned on the U.S. Olympic biathlon team. This IS a story about someone who did something very good out of self-less love for another.

Tracy and Lanny have provided an inspiring context for us to ask ourselves some deep, powerful questions that will give us greater insight into our own truth. Don’t miss this opportunity to ask the big questions of yourself, and don’t miss Lanny and Tracy in Sochi.

Why hire retired athletes & military leaders?

Because of these valuable reasons!

recent article in Forbes lists six reasons you should hire ‘Athletes’ in your company:
• Tenacious, strong work ethic, perseverance
• Goal oriented
• Adaptive, new skill development
• Think strategically, long term goals (entrepreneurial)
• Strive for balance/strong personal boundaries of health
• Work well in/thrive in teams and partnerships

Who wouldn’t want a company filled with these kinds of people?

It’s easy to teach your content, process and systems to good people. But try teaching people to preserver, strive for excellence, be adaptive, maintain healthy life-work balance, and be great team members – if they don’t already possess these qualities and hard wiring.This same list of success oriented qualities applies to retired military leaders. But often retired Athletes and Military leaders fail to translate their skills and value on the playing field or in the armed services – to that of the business world.Don’t overlook these talent pools of people who are all ready wired and conditioned to pursuing excellence.

What do I desire? Living a life of joy.

Give yourself an inspiring 3 minute boost today and watch this video narrated by Alan Watts where he challenges us to ask ourselves ‘What do I desire?’

When we find the answer to that question – we must do it – or live a life doing other things in order to create money and time for the things we like to do which we will never do because we have to do the other things to make money and time possible.

It all starts with asking ‘what do I love to do?’
• Who am I?
• What brings me joy?
• When do I feel most alive?

Write these questions down.
Dwell on them.
Then decide – what are you going to do about the answer?

Enjoy this 3 minute challenge to living a fulfilled life!


Support Malala and Sign Up Now!

Malala’s courageous voice continues to speak loudly to the world. The UN Education Envoy calls on international organizations to get 61,000,000 out of school children in education by the end of 2015. You can help TODAY by signing the 1 Million Strong petition that UN Envoy Gordon Brown will deliver to the President Zardari of Pakistan on November 10th.

Malala, 14, was shot giving her all to get girls in school. Learn more about Malala’s story here.